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 Kendama Trick Beginner, Intermediate,Advance

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PostSubject: Kendama Trick Beginner, Intermediate,Advance    Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:28 pm

Here is a list of all the JKA Kendama tricks from all levels.

In = spike ball
Stab = spike ball

Big cup(Toss up to big cup)
Small Cup(Toss up to small cup)
Bottom Cup(Toss up to bottom cup)
Candle Stick(Toss up to bottom cup while holding the ken spike)
Pull in(Pull the ball up into the spike)
Air plane(Hold the ball and swing the ken spike into the ball)
Swing in spike(Like the pull in but swing the ball into the ball hole)
Around Japan(Small cup > Big Cup > In)*There is another variation starting from small up*
Around the world(Small cup > Big Cup > Bottom cup > In)*Other variation starting from any cup*
Lighthouse(Stall the ken on the bottom cup on the ball for 3 seconds)
Moshikame(Big cup > Bottom cup) *To receive your JKA beginner license you have to do 50 of these with only two tries*
There are other beginner tricks but these are on the JKA site.

Around Prefecture(Bottom Cup > In)
Slip on spike(Stall the ball between big cup and small cup and slide the ball to the spike to in)
Earth Turn/Spin(Spin the ball 360 to In)
Falling/Lighthouse to in(Stall the ken on the bottom cup then flip it so that the spike goes in the ball hole.)
Around Europe(Small cup > In > Big cup > In > Bottom cup > In)
Around the Cosmos(Land ball between big and small up on spike > In > Small cup > In > big cup > In > Bottom cup > in)
Bird(Stall the ball between the hammer and spike. Make sure the hole is level with hammer flat rim.)
Bird to Night n Gale/Bird over the Valley(Do the bird and throw it to white it stalls on the other side then spike it)

URGH falling asleep will do in the morning.

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PostSubject: Re: Kendama Trick Beginner, Intermediate,Advance    Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:25 pm

*small cup, big cup*
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Kendama Trick Beginner, Intermediate,Advance
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